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Customer praise 99%, trustworthy

For many years focused on motor manufacturing, strength, security

Strong R & D strength is your most solid backing

Strict quality management process, to ensure product quality

Integrity, strength and quality of products have been recognized by the industry。

Senior technical, construction team, strong technical support

More than 20 professional and technical developers, design, research and development,
and constantly improve and launch models

Have a large professional R & D team, perfect after-sales and service system

The raw material selection of accessories brands, 8-10 years of life, 100% high quality

A good image of the industry reputation, many well-known enterprises successful cooperation

Selected brands of accessories, strict quality control, high quality, good reputation

We have long cooperated with many large and medium-sized enterprises, such as midea, changhong, vashda, haikang, samsung etc

Products throughout more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions, are exported to Western Europe, North America and other foreign developed countries or regions

1 year warranty, lifelong maintenance,
after-sales service

Provide product structure/process improvement advice,
motor drive solution

Guangdong province 24 hours door-to-door service , 48 hours
outside the door service

Professional technical support, let you get more than just cooperation

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About zhne

Zhuhai Zhne Electronics Co., Ltd.

Zhuhai Zhne Electronics Co. Ltd., referred to as "Zhne motor", for the city of Zhongshan rich Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in Guangdong in 2011 in the town of Nantou city of Zhongshan Province, after nearly 5 years of development and accumulation of more than in 2013 due to business expansion needed to move to a beautiful environment, convenient transportation of the coastal economic zones - Zhuhai city the company's long-term commitment to the BYJ series, TYJ series stepper motor, synchronous motor, DC motor, gear motor, micro motor development, and related electronic products production, sales, the company's existing production workers 200-500, design personnel 20-30 people,


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